Wilderness. The making of

The idea

The execution with Pilot V Ball 0.5, Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5 and Pilot G-Tec-C4

Size: a4 paper

6 comentarios:

ArtSparker dijo...

I like this diagram of the movement from abstract to concrete (if two dimensions=concrete).

Jason Curtis dijo...

Oh I love seeing behind-the-scenes sketches! These are wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.

Mary Jane dijo...

You make it look so easy. Thanks for showing your process.

justdoodleit dijo...

Nice. I thought you used watercolors!

littlemissmachete dijo...

Thanks for sharing!
It's great to see your process.

Crowley (www.tengobocaynopuedogritar.blogspot.com) dijo...

Un post en el que nos dejas entrar en tu mente y tu forma de trabajar... Curioso y digno de elogio.