Blog Award

My wonderful friend Vanessa has given me this beautiful blog award. It come from two special artists, Ces and Bella.

Now I want to send it to some favorite artist.

Michael Robertson

Roger Simó


Carmen Saldaña

Robert Dress

Take a look on their blogs if you don´t know them.

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michael robertson dijo...

Tomas, thank you so much. I can't tell you how flattered i am to receive this,especially from someone as talented as you! You never cease to amaze me by your incredible wit and hilarious drawing style. I'm familiar with all the others you presented this award to, and all I can say is wow, thanks for including me in such an amazing group of talented imdividuals.

Jason Curtis dijo...

Tomas, when I discovered your blog I instantly fell in love with your style of drawing and your incredibly original sense of humour. I'm humbled that an artist as talented as yourself finds pleasure in looking at my doodles. Thank you so very much for presenting me with this award...coming from you it means a lot.

Roger Simó dijo...

Tomás, a dos dias de mi cumpleaños, este es el mejor regalo que podia esperar... Estoy halagado y encantado de estar en el mismo grupo que Michael, Jason, Robert... (a la otra persona no la conozco y el link no funciona).
También felicitarte por tus últimas creaciones, en especial la del tipo que riega un árbol... me ha recordado la mentalidad de hoy en dia, todo ha de ser inmediato, sin encanto ni lentitud ni pequeños y lentos placeres... Felicidades!
Por cierto, tengo que hacer alguna cosa con el premio? (colgar la imagen, darlo ha alguien más...?) Perdón por la ignorancia...

Vanessa Brantley Newton dijo...

Yes!!! You have chosen some awesome and fabulous illustrators and artist Tomas! They are all so very talented. You know I really like drawing on regular typing paper as well as really, really heavy watercolor paper. I have these great filters that can change the texture of your papers and give them a distressed look to them. I love them. They have this really cool retro thing that I adore. Makes your illustrations look really old and worn. Right now I'm working on any kind of paper I can get my hands on. Most of it watercolor. I just love the texture hee he he he! later my friend.

R.Dress dijo...

I'm honored and flattered Tomas. Thanks so much. Keep on inspiring us with your work.

Viator dijo...

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