SINGING IN THE RAIN (DANGEROUSLY) / Cantando bajo la lluvia (peligrosamente)

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Penelope Puddlisms dijo...

Yikes! I have artwork reminiscent of this with my Penelope character, excluding the lightening bolts, of course. Good job and interesting take on a familiar scene as Halloween approaches. :)

Peripatheticus dijo...

Fuit vir qui in alta lucerna canebat et a fulmine ictus fuit.
At quid canebat ipse?: Eue! Eue! strager me urit fortiter!

Carmela dijo...

Buenísima, :)
Un beso, Tomás

California Girl dijo...

I love this one! Humorous send up on an iconic film moment.

Ál dijo...

un baile electrizante!!
Un saludo