Lula loves "Let Freedom Sing"

Since Lula and Hagy have received Vanessa Newton´s "Let Freedom Shine", they don´t stop reading and seeing their fantastic illustrations again and again. Quite right too: Vanessa is a great artist and her book brings a wonderful message.
Don´t miss it!!!
Desde que Lula y Hagy han recibido "Let Freedom Shine", el libro de Vanessa Newton, no paran de leerlo y ver sus fantásticas ilustraciones una y otra vez. No es para menos: Vanessa es una artista genial y su libro deja un maravilloso mensaje. ¡No te lo pierdas!

She sent me this incredible present. I love it, but now is hanged in the wall of my daughter´s room. I´m grateful for your generosity, Vanessa.

También me ha enviado este increíble regalo. Gracias por todo, Vanessa.

3 comentarios:

Vanessa Brantley Newton dijo...

OOOOOOH TOMAS!!!! OMG how absolutely amazingly kind of you my friend. I am so very honored that you would do this! Okay I will try not to cry, but I can't help it he he he! How sweet of you my very sweet friend. You are brilliant Tomas! How very clever of you as well! I send you a billions hugs and thank yous from the USA. Hugs your very good friend

justdoodleit dijo...

Wonderful! I love how all your characters also enjoy books :)

Art Fan Ako dijo...

I know why you got Vanessa's awesome illustrations. You never stop making her laugh! Congrats!