Kreative Award

Two favorite artists, Senta Plyer and Michael O´Connell have tagged me as a creative blogger. I love your blogs and I strongly recommend a visit. Thank you. It´s my first blog award.
Now I tell others creative blogs without the award:
Seven littles things I love:
Editing home movies
Changing my voice in phone calls
Changing names of things
My Nikes
The paella that cooks my wife.
Seeing photos of my family
Reading bad comments about my video on YouTube

6 comentarios:

Vhrsti dijo...

Thank you very much, Tomás!

krisztina maros dijo...

thank you for thinking me Tomás! you're so kind! i enjoyed reading seven little things about you :)

where are your videos on youtube? i'm so curious for your movies!

Asja dijo...

thank you so much!

Kendra Joyner dijo...

Hey Tomas! Thanks so much! Appreciate you and your work!

get zapped dijo...

Congrats! I truly enjoyed your seven things. In so few words you expressed your love for your family, and a humorous and creative bent. I like the idea of changing the voice.

Tomas- I think we've worked this out and came to an agreement. It does need to be there. Thank you for this interesting discussion. I hope to do more :)

bonaska dijo...

Felicidades! Este premio es más que merecida! Gran cómico y un gran blog!