Waldo Never Says Bye

Watercolor and pencils

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krisztina maros dijo...

hola Tomás! such great works here! i can't decide wich ones love better: musicians (are made of plasticine?) or your pastels on black paper... all of your characters are very special and funny! i'm so glad that you found me (always welcome) i'll must come back :) best wishes from Hungary!

Juan dijo...

Tomás, tus trabajos son geniales. Tenés un estilo fascinante. Felicitaciones!! Pasaré seguido por quí

ArtSparker dijo...

Uh-Oh. Waldo looks like he could be trouble. I love your style and use of perspective to comic operatic effect. I am going to look around some more, will try to restrain myself to making just one more comment.

Francisco Martins dijo...

Awesome artwork!

Francisco Martins